Dispatch from The City of Orgies

Dispatch from the City of Orgies is a literary novel composing three main strands:

  • The formation, maintenance and dissolution of a polyamorous relationship between addicts. 
  • The sexual violence that forms the landscape for queer men in London. Particularly, the novel gives details of the Stephen Port murders (to which the first story is connected in several ways) and the repeated, almosts ambient sexual assault that is now the ‘norm’.
  • The difficulty of remembering this story both practically (I was on lots of drugs) but also politcally and ethically. I explore the fraught quality that ‘true’ fictions have with metaphors of remixing, necromancy and genetics.

In terms of what it is about, the spirit under all of these things is: Neoliberalism and heteropatriachy are killing queers and I don’t know another way to bear witness.

The novel was selected from amongst over 2000 applications to take part in the the Penguin Random House #WriteNow mentorship scheme. From March 2017 onwards I will be working with an editor within Penguin Random House to prepare the novel for publication.